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Keep Rescued Farm Animals Fed and Warm This Winter!

Help provide hay and shavings for animals at Maple Farm Sanctuary.

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$30,000 goal

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Hay Shortages are Creating High Demand and High Prices

Maple Farm Sanctuary (MFS) is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary in Massachusetts that has been rescuing and providing a loving home for abused and unwanted farm animals for more than twenty years. We are currently home to more than 80 animals, including cows, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas, chickens, and a turkey.

MFS is a small organization with a very limited budget. Each year as cold weather approaches, we face our biggest expense: we desperately need to purchase hay and shavings to see our animals through the winter months.

This year is different than past years of seeking donations to purchase hay. Last year we had drought conditions that affected hay production at many locations. This year we have had too much rain at our farm and others locally and in neighboring states. Race track suppliers from Florida drive north to purchase quality hay. Low supply and a steady demand has driven the price up. We used to pay between $7-8.00 per bale. The price is now $11.50 per bale and going up. Our dealer drove to an upstate New York hay farm only to find that another buyer had purchased the supply as it came off the field! These are tenuous times and we appreciate any and all help our wonderful donors can offer.

There aren’t any substitutes for our residents. They need the hay to maintain healthy stomachs. Grain is only used like a vitamin dose. If we were to substitute grain for hay, it would make them very sick.

Can you help with a gift? Your donation is fully tax-deductible and will be used directly to buy the following supplies:

  • Three loads of hay purchased from November-February at ~$8,000 each
  • One load of shavings purchased in December for ~$6,000

Your gift will create many scenes of enjoyment in our barns and pastures!

Our animals all eagerly await the arrival of hay at mealtimes. The chorus of animal sounds that greets our caregivers as they approach with hay is matched only by the scurry of hooves to the feeders! The animals also love snuggling together in beds of soft shavings during their nightly bedtime routines.

Any leftover funds raised above our goal will be put towards the myriad other expenses a non-profit sanctuary incurs, including veterinary costs and additional food and nutrients.

We understand it may be difficult to give during these trying times. Know that any amount you can give is appreciated by MFS and our animal residents and we are so thankful for any and all support!

Meet some of the beneficiaries of your gift!

Fudge, one of our youngest goats, chows down on hay!

Jack, Chester and Harriet love to snuggle up together.

Two of our beautiful girls, Vanilla and Pattie.

Merlin, a sweet alpaca, loves to munch on hay.

What else can we say about Boo Boo? He’s just the best and most interesting guy!


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