Drought Means Critical Times, Hay Shortages at Maple Farm Sanctuary image

Drought Means Critical Times, Hay Shortages at Maple Farm Sanctuary

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Please Help Feed Our Animals

From Jim & Cheri, Maple Farm Sanctuary’s founders:
These are critical and frightening times. This has been our worst year for harvesting our own hay – because of the prolonged drought there isn’t any more pasture. It’s all dried up!

The drought’s effect on our fields: dried up and not growing the second cut.

Hay dealers we usually purchase our winter supply from have cautioned us about dwindling supplies of hay and grain. It is scarce and expensive. We won’t be able to harvest our own second-cut hay, the favorite of our cows and goats.

The cows can no longer graze our once lush pastures. They are now being fed our winter stores of hay.

First cut in progress in May, all that hay is being used to feed our animals now.

Some of our herd at the feeder eating our first cut (winter) hay. Normally the cows would be grazing in the pasture at this time of year.

There aren’t any substitutes for our residents. They need the hay to maintain healthy stomachs. Grain is only used like a vitamin dose. If we were to substitute grain for hay, it would make them very sick.

We have so appreciated past and continuing donations but we’re pleading for more. With these present challenges, we need more.

Thank you!

Cheri & Jim Vandersluis

Can you help? Your donation is fully tax-deductible and will be used directly to buy hay to last our residents from now through the winter months.

Any leftover funds raised above our goal will be put towards the myriad other expenses a non-profit sanctuary incurs, including veterinary costs and additional food and nutrients.

We understand it may be difficult to give during these trying times. Know that any amount you can give is appreciated by MFS and our animal residents and we are so thankful for any and all support!

We have many goats to feed as well as cows and they love hay also!