Make a Difference for Elderly Farm Animals

Your gift will bring care and comfort to dozens of elderly animals at MFS

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!


More than half of the rescued animals at Maple Farm Sanctuary are elderly – and they need your help!

Thanks to supporters like you, many animals have called MFS home for over two decades! Others came to us when they were already a little older - sadly, elderly animals often need our help the most, as people often discard them when they are no longer useful or start to have health problems.

Their fur may be a bit coarse, their eyesight somewhat fuzzy, and their walk a little stiff, but we love and value our elderly animals just the same! In fact, many of them are our best and brightest ambassadors for farm animals, such as:

Dragon, a goat who was brought to MFS in 1999 because his owner did not care for him properly, who is now mostly blind but still gives the best head cuddles.

Milkweed & Pedro, two llamas who were going to be sold for meat when they were unable to continue working as pack animals, who have now been enjoying life at MFS—and making visitors smile—for more than a decade.

Tara Anna, a sheep who was nearly beaten to death by a group of cruel people who used her as a "piñata," who has slowly learned to trust people again at MFS.

MFS is committed to offering life-long homes to all of our animals, but we need your help - please give our elderly farm animals the care and comfort they deserve by making a gift today! Here's what your gift could buy:

  • Vitamins and supplements to help keep our animals healthy in their old age
  • Hay pellets for animals who are no longer able to chew regular hay
  • Anti-inflammatory medications for animals with joint pain
  • Special padded bedding for animals to lie down on
  • Veterinary care for animals with hearing and vision problems, disabilities, and illnesses

Your support will go a long way to making a hands-on difference for animals at MFS and spreading messages of compassion for all farm animals.

On behalf of the animals who benefit for your generosity, thank you for your support!

Our Supporters