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Sponsor a Goat

Make a commitment to helping animals by sponsoring a goat at MFS

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Sponsor an Adorable MFS Goat

By sponsoring a goat, you are making a regular commitment to helping animals. Your gift will be felt year-round as a source of food, shelter, veterinary care, and love. Your generosity also enables MFS to plan securely with the knowledge that your support will be there in the future.

You can choose to sponsor your goat by paying $25 per month for one year or $250 per year. Please note that if you instead make a one-time payment of $25 using the form above, we will not be able to send you a sponsorship packet. Additionally, if you cancel your monthly sponsorship within a year, tour tickets may not be redeemable

What Animal Should I Choose?

We know it can be hard to pick! Read more about the goats available for sponsorship below:

  • Ackbar, our extremely friendly goat who just loves being petted and scratched by sanctuary visitors
  • Chewie, our charming goat who is almost always showing a friendly smile
  • Chivo, our curious goat who tries to boss around his fellow barn mates as well as human visitors
  • Mimou, our sweet Angora goat who was given up for being a runt but has blossomed at MFS
  • Olaf, our rambunctious new kid who was born in August 2017 after we rescued his pregnant mother*
  • Pumpkin, our lovable goat who follows anyone and everyone around hoping to get petted
  • Putt Putt, our gentle goat who was rescued at 10 days old when he was so sick he could barely stand
  • Sage, our precious new kid who was born in August 2017 after we rescued his pregnant mother
  • Wynvisa, our mama goat who was saved from being slaughtered while pregnant and now has two kids
  • Yoda, our stoic cute goat who sports a lovely white beard just like her Star War's namesake

Read about other MFS animals available for sponsorship.

What Does the Sponsorship Include?

When you sign up, you will receive an automatic email receipt confirming your gift. After that you will receive a welcome packet in the mail including an MFS magnet, welcome letter, photo and information about your sponsored animal, and two complimentary tickets to a public tour so you can meet your sponsored friend (the MFS tour season runs approximately May-November).

How Will My Gift Be Used?

MFS is a small organization, so your sponsorship will make a major difference for our animals. Your regular or annual gift can provide:

  • Hay, feed, and produce for our animals to eat.
  • Shavings to provide soft, warm bedding for our animals.
  • Vitamins and supplements to keep our animals healthy.
  • Veterinary supplies and care for sick and injured animals.
  • Building supplies to keep the sanctuary grounds clean and comfortable for our animals.
  • So much more!

Can I Sponsor an Animal as a Gift for Someone Else?

Absolutely! Animal sponsorships make great gifts. If you would like to sponsor an animal on behalf of someone else, please send an email after you make your gift to giving@maplefarmsanctuary.org. Please let us know the name of your gift recipient and to whom you would like us to mail the welcome packet (to you or directly to the gift recipient).

If you have questions about your sponsorship, please contact us at giving@maplefarmsanctuary.org.