Help Chirpy, Slurpy & the Clucky Ten

Provide Care and Comfort for 12 Rescued Chicks at MFS!

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MFS recently rescued 12 chicks who were unwanted and not properly cared for—and we need your help!

The chicks need about $50 worth of care each week. Can you make a gift to cover just one day or half a week? As a token of thanks, we will send you exclusive chick updates, including adorable photos!

The new chicks were part of three separate rescues. Learn about Chirpy in this video:

The chicks were all unwanted and in need of care:

  • Chirpy was bought as a companion for another chick, but when that chick died, the family who owned him decided they no longer wanted Chirpy.
  • Slurpy and another chick were part of a classroom hatching project and were not cared for properly. They came to MFS in very bad shape, and sadly Slurpy's companion passed away.
  • The Clucky Ten were bought at a local store by some teenagers whose parents did not want them. The store did not take good care of them and they are suffering from a bacterial infection.

The chicks need supplies every week including fresh shavings, chick starter feed, and antibiotics. This extra expense adds to the already tight budget involved with caring for nearly 100 other rescued animals. With your help, they will grow into happy, healthy chickens who spend their days scratching the ground, roosting comfortably, and serving as powerful ambassadors for other chickens.

On behalf of the animals who benefit from your generosity, thank you for your support!

Cheri and Chirpy

Slurpy Snuggles

Feeding time for Chirpy, Slurpy, the Clucky Ten

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